“Selbstverständlich” is a german phrase that we at Stephan Boya have fallen in love with and that we aspire to. Around the office we throw it around a lot when we sometimes need to explain why we like something – or why we should do something… In english Selbstverständlich is loosly translated as “being natural”, “of course”, “it’s self-evident” or “it’s obvious”.

It’s a phrase that You casually throw into a conversation with a shrug, and sometimes with raised eyebrows – a soft way of making a point about something that should be very obvious and… Well, yes – Selbstverständlich.

We’d like to think that what we love to do here at Stephan Boya – luxurious fashion using the most sensual material in the world – cashmere – has this obvious, but still hard to pinpoint feeling. This feeling You get when everything just smoothly falls into place and You find Yourself smiling on the inside.

This gut feeling that “this is just right” that we all know but sometimes have a hard time explaining.

We like to think that what we do and why we do it matter to people…

(Another favorite german phrase is “Matschepampe” – but that is a story for another day…)